Adoption Versus Single Parenting

Adoption Versus Single Parenting
Adoption Versus Single Parenting

Did you suddenly discover that you are pregnant? What are your options? Here are two choices to consider: adoption or single parenting. It’s not an easy decision to make, but we’ve listed some similarities and differences of both below to help you make an educated choice.


Bond with your baby.

After birth, if you choose adoption you can spend time with your baby to get to know them before letting their adoptive parents take them home. You’ll get a chance to hold, cuddle, and touch your child. The father of the baby might want to take part in the bonding experience too.

If you decide to parent your child, you will also have the chance to bond with your baby both at the hospital and at home. There are few things more rewarding than holding a new life.

Watch your child grow and develop.

If you choose to parent your child, you will have at least eighteen years to enjoy watching your child grow and learn about the world around them. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child gives you a new perspective on life.

Birth parents who choose adoption can also watch their child grow and develop through either an open adoption or a partially open adoption. An open adoption will allow you to have regular visits with your child. A less open adoption allows for you to receive regular updates, letters, and photos of your baby as they grow.


Bringing new life into the world.

Both adoption and single parenting are options that are life-affirming. No matter which one you choose, you will be giving a child a chance to live, to grow up, and to change the world.


Parenting responsibilities

Choosing adoption means that you are not responsible to raise the child. It gives another family legal responsibility to care for and provide for your baby.

If you choose to parent the baby, you’ll be responsible to make sure they have plenty to eat, a safe home environment, and a safe place to go if you work.


Adoption for the birth parent is free. The adoptive family covers all the costs and pregnancy related expenses. Your hospital bills will be paid for and often the adoptive family also covers your living expenses and other expenses while you are pregnant.

Parenting is a costly option, but a no less rewarding one. Some costs to consider are medical expenses before and after birth, childcare if you work or are in school, and food, clothing, and education expenses. Often, single mothers at a certain income level can get financial assistance for medical, food, housing, and childcare expenses. Non-profits like Freeport Pregnancy Center provide clothing and baby gear for any family in need.


Giving your child up to an adoptive family is not easy, but it does mean you’ll have the freedom to pursue an education and career. It means you won’t have to parent until you are ready.

Even if you have a supportive network, parenting will give you less flexibility. It may limit your education options or slow down your career. The trade-off of being with your child, though, may outweigh the limitations.

Choosing between adoption and single parenting is hard. Both have benefits and both have drawbacks. Do you need help making a choice about your unplanned pregnancy? Contact us today.