Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption
Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Are you pregnant and wondering about adoption? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you in your decision.

Does it mean I’m irresponsible?

No, choosing adoption for your child is actually a responsible choice. If you know you are not ready to parent, you are giving your child the chance to be raised by a family who is. Letting your child have that chance also means you can continue to pursue your education or career until you are ready to parent.

Will I get to know my baby?

You can. Open adoptions allow for regular visits with the child. If you and the adoptive parents pursue a less open option, you still have the option of receiving updates, letters, and photos from the family so you can watch your child grow.

How will it affect my future?

Adoption gives you the freedom to continue your education or pursue your career. It helps you get on sound financial footing so that you can parent when you are ready.

What about birth dads? What does adoption mean for them?

The birth dad can still meet the child at the hospital and spend time bonding with them. The type of adoption you and the adoptive parents choose will affect how much contact he has with the child.

Will my child be taken care of?

If you choose, you can pick out the adoptive family. Adoption agencies will help you find a suitable match, or if you have a friend or family member who would be a good fit, you can ask them to adopt your child. Picking out your child’s family can give you peace of mind that they will be raised well.

How much does it cost for me, the birth mom?

Adoption won’t cost you anything as a birth mom. The adoptive family covers expenses and may also help with living expenses and other costs if you need it before giving birth.

Will my child think I didn’t love him or her?

Adoptive children may struggle with why their parents didn’t want them. If you have an open adoption, you can explain to them either in person or by letter when they are older that it was a difficult decision, but you did what you believed would be best for them. If you have a closed adoption, you may still be able to give the adoptive parents a letter to give to the child at an appropriate time that tells them how much you love them.

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