A Tribute to the Moms with Grace and Courage

A Tribute to the Moms with Grace and Courage
A Tribute to the Moms with Grace and Courage

The day you found out you were pregnant, the day you became a mom-How long ago was that? Long enough that you’ve learned all the grace and courage it takes to be a mom.

Grace to be the mom with the screaming toddler, way to full dishwasher, and un-mowed lawn. Courage to be the mom with empty arms because you made the choice to let someone else be the better mom you knew you couldn’t be right now.  Grace to be the mom with a hurting heart because your little one isn’t here, you never met your little one that was lost through miscarriage or maybe an abortion.

I’m not a mother yet, but one thing I’ve learned from the mom’s around me is that it takes courage to be a mom.  I see courage when you hold your teething infant and are asking the clerk about Tylenol while being interrupted by your energetic two year old asking for a snack. It takes courage to be that mom.  It took courage to choose to be that mom who would lose herself for her children. Thank you!

I see courage in your tears over that recent Facebook entry of your precious child on their first day of school.  Tears because it’s not your Facebook entry, but that other woman’s who is now your child’s mother.  It takes grace and courage to be that mom, to choose someone else’s best knowing it will cause you pain.  Thank you for being that mom!

I see beauty in the arms that are empty because of a child lost to miscarriage or maybe even an abortion. You’re the mom who silently suffers in a world that isn’t used to making time for grief.  I see beauty in those empty arms because you’re the mom with the chance to tell others about the blessing of life, a lesson you’ve learned through loss. And the mother who lost your child through abortion. You know about grief that perhaps you’ve never fully completed, and we hope this Mother’s Day you get to do that. We hope this Mother’s Day you start your journey from a hurting mother to a healing, hope sharing mother.

To all the moms out there, with your own unique opportunity to show the world a living example of courage, grace, and hope through loss, thank you.  We want you to know that here at the Freeport Pregnancy Center we appreciate you!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!