With a gift of any amount, it allows us to move forward each day to save another woman and baby from abortion in our community. We’re grateful for your faithful support of any amount. 


With your monthly commitment, we can more easily budget for expenses so we can spend more time concentrating our efforts on saving women and babies. Become a LIFE-Giving monthly partner, and choose a monthly giving amount
that works for you. 


Join our Giving Society:
Make a five year commitment to stand with us and defend life.  Every year we will contact you with details about a life you saved right here in our community. 


Give Life: $1000/5 years = $5000
Grow Life: $5000/5 years = $25,000 
Guard Life: $10,000/5 years = $50,000


The investment needed to save one life and serve one mother is $1200. Give a monthly gift of $100, a quarterly gift of $300, or an annual gift of $1,200. 


Would you like to mail a donation to our ministry? You can do so by addressing your mail to us at: 


Freeport Pregnancy Center
PO Box 568
Freeport, IL 61032.