Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions
Christmas Traditions

I just love how Christmas time brings traditions and so much love. I look forward to this time of year even more now that I am a mom. Growing up our family had many Christmas traditions and couldn’t wait to have children of my own to make new traditions with! Do you have any fun Christmas traditions that you have started with your family? If not, here are some great ideas to start! These are things that they will remember long after they are grown!

  1. Christmas Lights
    Make it an adventure! Have kids bring along their favorite blanket, whip through Starbucks for some hot cocoa and let the adventure to find lights begin!
  2. New PJ’s on Christmas Eve
    This is one of my favorite traditions that I have grown to love since marrying my husband! His family always gives Christmas Eve jammies. It’s now something that we are continuing with our own children. Make sure to snap a photo of everyone in their new PJ’s too!
  3. Christmas Cards
    Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. No need to go out and get new family portraits done. Just grab some Christmas cards from Walmart or Walgreens and let the kids “help” by decorating the envelopes! It’s the thought that touches people the most.
  4. Gingerbread Houses
    This will be a new tradition for our family! This was the first year we felt like our kids could handle it. They had a blast! I’ve got a good tip for you. We put the houses together before the kids decorated and hot glued them together. This insured that they wouldn’t fall apart while the kids were icing and putting on their candies.
  5. Santa
    Some kids love Santa and some kids don’t. If your kids are the former, a great tradition to start is getting their photos taken with him! You can find him at local libraries, fire stations, and even banks. Many of these places offer free photos.
  6. Baking for friends and family
    Who doesn’t love getting a plate of cookies? Some basic sugar cookies are always a great go to. Let the little ones help dump and mix the ingredients and let them decorate with frosting! Great for neighbors, teachers, and friends!
  7. Birthday Cake for Jesus
    To make sure that we aren’t forgetting the real reason for the season, this is a great reminder for what Christmas is about. And who doesn’t like a big slice of cake first thing on Christmas morning?!
  8. Angel Tree or Operation Christmas Child
    This is a new tradition for our family too. We let each of our kids make a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child that will go to a child in need. There are angel trees around town as well for families who are in need this holiday season. Make Christmas about giving. This will stick with your children as they grow.
  9. Christmas Movies
    Although it’s such a busy time of year it’s important to carve out time to just relax as a family. Maybe choose one night a week to all snuggle up on the couch under blankets, make popcorn or your favorite sweet treat and watch a Christmas movie! A personal favorite in our house is the Polar Express!
  10. Ornaments
    Give your child a new tree ornament each year and when they are grown give them to them. This was something that my parents did and it’s so special to see those hanging on my tree now. Make sure to write the year on each one as well!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of traditions that you can implement with your family. It’s never to late to start a tradition!

All of us here at the Freeport Pregnancy Center wish you the very best this holiday season and pray that you and your families will be blessed.