15 Amazing Facts about Pregnancy

15 Amazing Facts about Pregnancy
15 Amazing Facts about Pregnancy

Isn’t it absolutely amazing to think that a perfect little tiny human develops in just 9 months?! Isn’t also amazing how God designed a woman’s body to make the growing baby feel at home? There are so many emotions and feelings that occur when a woman finds out she is expecting. I know had so many questions! While this obviously is not comprehensive, I put together a short list on some of the most amazing and interesting facts about pregnancy and your growing baby!

  1. During pregnancy, your uterus grows 500 times its original size, which, if we’re throwing in a fruit analogy, equates to starting with a uterus the size of an orange, and ending up with a watermelon.
  2. By 9-12 weeks your baby has all of his/her fingerprints.
  3. The heart actually grows during pregnancy, to accommodate the pumping of more blood to mama and baby. So you can say that your heart grew when you found out that you were pregnant, and be completely literal.
  4. The force inside a woman’s uterus during a contraction is 397 pounds of pressure per square foot.
  5. At 12 weeks your baby’s organs and tissue is beginning to grow very rapidly.
  6. The longest known pregnancy lasted for a year and 10 days. Yup, 375 days, people. 375 DAYS.
  7. Pregnant women usually experience a heightened sense of smell beginning late in the first trimester. Some experts call this the body’s way of protecting a pregnant women from foods that are unsafe for the fetus.
  8. Near the end of pregnancy, the placenta produces more estrogen in one day than a non-pregnant woman will produce in three years.
  9. Women who are expecting have less oxygen in their blood, which causes what is commonly referred to as “pregnancy brain,” or forgetfulness. (So yeah, it’s really a thing.)
  10. By the third trimester, a developing baby can recognize their mother’s voice from inside the womb. So start talking to your baby early in pregnancy!
  11. By 8 weeks gestation your baby has developed taste buds.
  12. The “pregnancy waddle” happens because a woman’s joints become more relaxed and her center of gravity changes whilst pregnant.
  13. Your baby will open their eyes for the first time while still in the womb. This can occur from 28-30 weeks when they have developed their retinas.
  14. That line was actually always there. You know that dark line that suddenly appears straight down the middle of your stomach during pregnancy? It’s not a mystery how it got there. It’s always been there, but your pregnancy hormones changes the pigmentation of your skin which makes it show.
  15. Due to hormonal changes and water retention can cause your feet to grow one full shoe size. Don’t worry, after baby comes, they will go back to their original size!

This is just a snapshot of the hundred of interesting facts about pregnancy and your growing baby! But it really is just so amazing!

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