Freeport Pregnancy Center


Through the Freeport Pregnancy Center’s life-saving medical services, you can help women in our community looking for abortions find the confidence they need to choose life for their unborn child.

*Angel was one of those women. She contacted us looking for abortion information. After coming in and having the opportunity to see her baby and hear their heartbeat through ultrasound, she chose life for her unborn child!

When a young woman in our community learns that she is pregnant, she will often look for solutions online, where she will find websites selling abortion pills and promoting a “quick fix”. She may feel that abortion is the only solution to her unbearable situation. Thanks to compassionate people like you, women in our community now have somewhere local to go in their time of need. For the first time in our community’s history, these women can connect with pregnancy decision coaches trained to answer their questions. They can receive the medical services and support they need to pause and reconsider their decision.

The life-saving medical services  provided to mothers in our community by pro-life people like you resulted in a 269% increase in lives saved this year.

As we celebrate this success, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. Never before has the need to be available to women in a pregnancy decision crisis been so great. This year the abortion industry has continued to expand its life-ending efforts, and more than 2,000 babies are at risk every day.

Through The Freeport Pregnancy Center, you can ensure that these mothers find a life-affirming support system and the medical services they need to choose life.

Your gift today will help mothers considering abortion by: 

  • Providing free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and pregnancy decision coaching to those desperately looking for help with an unplanned pregnancy
  • Providing them the opportunity to speak with a trained medical professional who can minister to them as they struggle with their pregnancy decision
  • Providing continued support and community referrals for mothers who need help throughout their pregnancy 

Today, seven out of ten of the pregnant mothers who we see choose life. Every mother who receives these services is another mother who is unlikely to keep looking for an abortion.

Please use the secure form below to give the gift of life to the next woman who walks through the door. You can make sure that women in our community considering abortion find the confidence they need to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life in Christ.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.